The past two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. It has been such an intensely long time of waiting for a new chapter in my life to start and then it was here and the time since first of August feels both like an eternity and about five seconds. I am in what I think is quite an unusual situation, starting yet another round of education after finishing five years at university and with two degrees up my sleeve. I am learning to be a journalist after having worked in journalism for a good chunk of my life, which is another curiosity. And to top it all of at the ripe age of 26 I am finally fulfilling my childhood dreams of going to boarding school and share a house with 17 others doing the same vocational training.

It has been an incredibly fun time getting to know everyone, always being just a knock on one door away from hanging out with somebody, to spend eight hours a day together and then head out for a run or to get ice-cream or to go food shopping. For me being quite the introvert having almost every aspect of my life turned into a group activity was beyond daunting, but after only a full week together it seems weird to not see my colleagues almost 24/7. There has been almost zero time to myself and/or time to stop and I feel like I am filled to the absolute brim with impressions, talks, inspiration and the talk we had about security in the work place. I have not really processed anything, that has happened in the past week, but I am incredibly happy to do what I love, to be in such a new and creative situation and to be happy with the people I am surrounded with. The days are just flying by at the moment and there is so much happening in one day, that I struggle to fully take it all in. I am getting so much information and input about the next few weeks, I am learning 17 autobiographies, I am meeting new people every day... It is a little overwhelming, but also so rewarding to be so busy, to actually have a goal every day and to have a full schedule from morning to night. I may get tired of it in a bit, but currently it feels good to be challenged so much, to be put in new situations and opportunities to learn and grow every day. I notice now how much I missed this and to be able to do it in a field I am actually passionate about, to make constant steps towards becoming a better journalist and towards a more fulfilling career is incredibly exciting. I am knackered right now, but also thrilled to see what is coming over the next few weeks. Every new day at the moment is so different, exciting and interesting and that is just an amazing feeling.

Read: I finished "Everything is illuminated", which I found relatively hard to read and follow and was not as smitten with as I imagined. I am now reading "An American Marriage" and am enjoying it much more.

Wondered: If I am actually starting my dream job or if it is still a dream, but pinching has not woken me up yet so I guess we´re good

Got over: My intense FOMO and also at least a little over my desire to be liked by everyone all the time

Enjoyed: Being surrounded by so many people I don´t know yet with very interesting background stories. To be able to actually be around people I may not normally be around and to see how it affects me and them.

Realised: I need less time by myself than I thought I would.

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