I have been planning a little getaway before diving into full-time employment for the longest time and had already given up on it ever happening, when I got a little text from my dear friend Minh-Thu saying she wanted to head on vacay last week of July. Within a day we booked flights, a darling little Airnbnb and I was lucky enough to enjoy almost a full week of absolute bliss in the gorgeous coastal town of Porto. All we did was wonder the gorgeous streets, lay by the beach and ate loads: in short an absolute perfect vacation. Porto is easily accessible with multiple flights leaving every day from almost every German city (I flew in from Berlin and flew back to Bremen), it has culture, it has beaches and the most gorgeous light I have ever seen. It may be one of my new European favourites and I think it´s just as perfect for a girl´s trip as it is for a romantic getaway. So here are some little trips to make the most of your time in Porto.

Where to Eat

Porto was an absolute paradise for foodies and luckily I went with a friend, who loved good food as much as I did and our main question during our five days was where to have our next meal so we could fit all of the restaurant recommendations in. We were lucky, that a friend of Minh Thu´s has lived in Porto for the past three months and has been coming to the city on vacation for 12 years so we had some insider info. Additionally to what is listed here you a must try in Porto is the famous Francesinha a monstrous sandwich concoction of bread, ham, sausage, roast meat covered in cheese and gravy. And since that is obviously too light a meal it is usually paired with french fries. I only tried the light version of this with only cheese and ham and felt like I needed an hour long nap afterwards. For some alternatives to this belt buster, check out these places:

Cantinho do Avillez

This restaurant belongs to a Portoguese Michelin star chef and while it does not have a Michelin star itself, it is absolutely delicious. They have a great lunch menu for just 15 Euros, which includes a starter (in our case was a mind-blowning cherry Gazpacho), a main meal and a glass of wine, so I would definitely recommend coming here for lunch. 


This little hidden gem has hands down the most gorgeous view in Porto. That alone is a reason to visit, but their food was so incredibly good as well! They bake their own bread every day and make their own butter, which may be the best combination of foods to ever exist. I mean we got dark chocolate-walnut-banana bread with rosemary butter and for that alone I would return every single day. My friend´s tuna was delicious and if you are on a budget you can just grab the roast potatoes and the soup and you will get an incredibly meal for five Euros.

Cantina 32

Sadly I missed out on this restaurant due to the most violent food poisoning I have ever experienced, but my friend went and loved it so I wanted to include it in this list. Definitely make a reservation if you want to go at night since it was fully booked every single night we were in Porto. If that is the case for you as well you could just come for lunch.

Da Terra

This place is a vegan buffet and we loved it so much we came back for a second time. They also do lovely juices and the all you can eat option is only 10 Euros. They mainly do salads though and there are not that many hot dishes, but I really loved getting in some veggies after eating mainly carbs for three days. Also make sure you try their vegan desserts.

Cultura Dos Sabores

Another vegan buffet, but this one offers more hot dishes and you get to sit on a swing in the window while you dine. The owner was an absolute sweet heart and I really liked their variety of dishes. I would try to go during the week when the buffet is a little cheaper.

Let´s go to the Beach

Porto is located just off the coast along the Douro river, which means on top of an awesome city trip you also get to enjoy a beach vacation: two birds with one stone. To get to the beach you just have to hop on public transport for a maximum of 45 minutes and you get to soak up as much sunshine and seabreeze as anyone could wish for. We did two beach days and headed to Gondarém (just 15 minutes outside of town) and Miramar (40 minutes away, but absolutely gorgeous and there´s even a little chapel out on the sea). To get to Gondarém you just hop on the bus line number 50 towards Gondarém and get off at Praia da Gondarém - simple as pie. For Miramar you need to get aboard the Linha de Aveiro train, which leaves from Campanhã as well as General Torres and you get off at - you guessed it - Miramar. Just watch out since the trains only run every hour.

Other favourites

To be honest just walking around Porto and soaking up the gorgeous scenery and beautiful tile covered houses is enough of a to do list for a couple of days, but here are some other places to check out:


Port wine comes from - you may have guessed it - Porto. So coming to a tasting here is an absolute must and there are loads of wine cellars offering great deals. I would choose Taylor. Not only do they provide the port wine for the Queen of England (and who are we to argue with her taste), they also have a beautiful little garden fully equipped with peacocks and a rooster. Do the cellar tour first and then enjoy your tasting in the garden. Most cellars close at six pm so it will probably e a bit more of a day-drinking situation.

Mon Pére Vintage

This place was my idea of heaven, which led to me going a little nuts. They had amazing accessories, scrunchies for a dollar and so many cute clothes for really low prices. They actually have two different stores and I would make sure to check both of them out. They are located in the super hip quarter of Vit´ria, which also is home to loads of cute cafés and lovely restaurants, so perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Jardim do Morro

Porto has so many beautiful view points, but this little park was our favourite and gives you a gorgeous view over Porto and the beautiful steel bridge Ponte Luis I. This is the perfect spot for sunset watching. Bring some snacks or a bottle of vinho verde and enjoy the sunset. Also a great spot for photo shoots.

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